It’s friday night and I’m…

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I’m home, all alone, on a Friday night. I’m a young girl, so I should really be out and about and doing things. But I’m skint! Penniless.

It’s been a month since my last post, and it has been full of university exams. I really don’t feel like I have done anything at all during January, so this week, without checking my account, I spend a little bit of money. Not a lot, I thought, but apparently enough that my bank called me yesterday…

At least I got some good shopping done! I shopped at my usual naughty shop,, and got some nice things. They were on SALE! But I also spent almost all of my money before the first week of the month is up. So I’ve decided to punish myself.

So even if I’m not doing anything with anyone tonight I’m enjoying it. Big time. I have promised myself that I will not orgasm until Sunday night, but at the same time that I will do everything in my power to tempt myself to cheat on that promise. I guess it’s a test of my own willpower.

So I’ve started tempting myself tonight, using some of the things I foolishly bought. I’ve dressed up really sexy, just for myself. I’m wearing this corset:


It was incredibly cheap at only £30 and it actually feels very nice.

I’m also wearing these suspender stockings (which I bought two of):


They were only 3.99, but I’m not quite sure I like them – kind of don’t like how they feel.

I’m also wearing these which aren’t new, but which are the sluttiest shoes I own:


They really aren’t comfortable, and are hard to walk in, but they make me feel delightfully slutty.

I’m also wearing a black dress which isn’t quite this one, but it’s a lot like it. It is New Look though:


Obviously when I’m punishing myself like this I’m not wearing bra or knickers…

Oh, and I’m wearing this:


Which at £5 was also incredibly cheap! It’s not as easy to wear as I thought it would be, though. It has a tendency to slide out, even if it has that different end than my old plug. I do always use a lot of lube when I play anal games, but it makes this difficult. So I have to be careful walking around.

I’m also wearing this:


Which is where the problem is… I’m sitting here fighting hard not to cum. Really hard. I’m simply going to leave it in until it runs out of batteries. It’s taken me forever to write this post because I have to get up and do stuff to get my thoughts off the vibrating thing in my pussy and the thing in my bum which is vibrating from the vibrations from the vibrating thing in my pussy…

I’ve done the dishes, cleaned the floor, done my laundry. I’m sure this must be some mans wet dream having a girl dressed and plugged like I am right now run around doing housework? Also being as absolutely totally turned on as I am right now. Which man wouldn’t want that.

I’m writing a new short story too. It’s about a girl and her boyfriend and their trip to Las Vegas. He gambles and so does she, but when she loses does she really win?

Right, I’m off to clean something else… Have a great weekend.


This feels amazing!

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newyearsblue2Wow! I feel so happy! Someone has actually bought my short story. It’s the first time anyone has ever bought something I’ve made. Not just a story – ANYTHING! It makes me really proud, even if I know it’s just one single $.99 eBook. Whoever you are, if you’re reading this I’d love to hear from you and get some feedback 🙂

In other news I’m slowly getting ready for tomorrows bash. I’m meeting up with the girls for dinner and then we’re going out. Here in Denmark on New Years eve we dress up really nice. The men often wear tux’s or nice suits while the girls wear stylish party outfits. That means i can break out the killer heels 😉 I’ll try to post some pictures of some of the stuff I’m wearing later. Once I decide…

I don’t have a date and don’t plan on hooking up. I just want to have fun, dance and have a great night.

X, Maria

What is “fetish”?

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I’m pretty sure I have a fetish. However, it is not one of those fetishes you see on Internet sites. No rubber or latex. No diapers or gas masks.

My fetish is… I don’t even know what it’s called or if et even gas a name? But whenever it is appropriate I wear stockings. Always black and always with a garter belt. Never stay-ups, they are just not… Authentic?

I don’t flaunt my fetish. In the summer I hardly wear it, but in the wintertime when other women (I presume) wear tights (pantyhose) I wear it.

I like to wear high heels too, but that’s not feasible as much. When I get the chance I do it, but the opportunity doesn’t present itself on a daily basis.

I’m not sure why I do it? Right now I’m in my parents car as they’re taking me home to my place after Christmas and to go on the sales. I’m just wearing jeans but this morning I really enjoyed deliberately putting on the garter belt, pulling on the stockings, fastening them and then putting on my knickers.

I think there is definitely something sexual in it. It makes me feel more like a woman, but it also reminds me I’m a naughty girl (I want to write “slut” instead of naughty girl, but I don’t want it to be misinterpreted. I don’t sleep around, I just like sex and thinking about sex). That’s what’s going to go round my head all day. I’ll never quite forget about it and when I get home and my parents leave I’ll probably put on heels as I get ready to go out on the town tonight.

The garter belt has an added bonus… Whenever I gain a few pounds they don’t fit right, so I definitely know I’m going to work out a lot after Christmas… 🙂

X, Maria

The Date – my first short story

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newyearsblue2It was the first time I ever met with someone I know from online and it was an amazing, amazing day. It had been building up for weeks. I had real trouble concentrating at school, and I was sure all the Irish teachers at my Catholic school in South East England could see right through me when I sat there dreaming about naughty things in class.

I was never one of those sixth form girls who talked about sex all the time. Some of my friends did talk about it a lot, especially in our last year. I don’t know if that’s just something they did to prepare to go to university, but I was never a part of it.

Instead I lived my secret naughty life online and in my mind. I do think my thoughts were a bit more naughty than the other girls’ and I didn’t want to be a freak. So while they were kissing boys and being naughty by giving them blowjobs I was online looking at men tying incredibly beautiful stylish women up. I was on Fetlife and Collarme talking to wonderful strangers who tried to teach me naughty things. I don’t know why but I told them all I was at university. It wasn’t like I wasn’t old enough or it would be illegal for them to be with me, but I guess I didn’t want to appear like a little girl who was still in school to all of these people.

It wasn’t until I started talking to Matt that I was really tempted, though. He was polite, didn’t send me pictures of his private parts – and more than anything he didn’t seem that bothered about me. A LOT of men were really eager and downright rude. Matt asked questions and listened to me but never asked me to send him pictures, go on cam or meet him.

In the beginning I liked that he wasn’t over-eager, but then I started to wonder why he didn’t want me? When I finally asked him about it he told me I was really sweet but probably a little bit too inexperienced for him.

Sweet and too inexperienced?!

Obviously I wanted to prove him wrong. Yes, I was inexperienced, but he should still want me. Shouldn’t he? So I started flirting. I sent him my real picture and even an semi-naughty one. He still didn’t seem to want me.

In the end I asked him what it would take for him to ask me for a cup of coffee? His answer was the first time he was ever really naughty with me. He said he would take me for a cup of coffee if I would do exactly as HE wanted and accept that I was a slut at heart. I logged off immediately.

But the thought played in my head all night and all of next day at school. Was I a slut at heart? I had had some sexual partners, but less than a lot of other girls my age. At the same time I thought about sex pretty much 24/7 and I thought about men tying me up and – for lack of a better word – using me.

I emailed him back that night…

Do you want to read the rest? It’s available right here:

It’s been a while – and a confession

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It’s been a while since I last posted. Almost two years in fact. Last time I posted I was in year 13 in Sixth Form College at a Catholic School in in the South East of England.

As I was gearing up for my final exams I kind of ran out of time to keep writing the blog…

Actually, that’s not entirely true. It wasn’t only that I ran out of time, but it just felt wrong. Basically most of the things I wrote on the blog and presented as the truth about me were things I wanted to happen to me.

I didn’t have an older lover. I didn’t do all of the things I wrote about with him. I wished I did, I dreamt about it, and I think I even hoped someone dreamy would magically show up and make it happen. I even bought some naughty clothes and shoes and things, but never showed it off to anyone.

Well, some of the things I actually did do. In this post I describe some things that didn’t happen (the whole Matt thing), but I did, for one day, put on stay-ups at school. I was also terrified that I would be found out and never, ever did it again.

Also this naughty day at home happened as described.

I also bought some things off Lovehoney and even had someone buy me something off my list which I never thought would happen (Thank you again, it was lovely even if I was totally lucky that I was the one receiving the package).

But I used my imagination and wrote about what I wanted to do, not about what happened to me. You may call it short stories?

Well, since then a lot has happened.

I took a gap year working and traveling, and then I moved out of England and back to my native Denmark to go to university. I’ve studied for a year and a half now and I’m really enjoying it.

I keep having extremely naughty fantasies, and I’ve found the courage to live some of them out. Not all of them, as 1) I’m still a very private person and 2) some of them are just fantasies, and I have no desire to live them out at all. Not right now anyway.

However, I do actually miss writing everything down. Writing about all those naughty thoughts and fantasies. And about the things that I actually do in real life.

Also Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t pass me by. And I’m a student. Why not combine things?

My thought right now is to write erotic short stories (or maybe chapters) and sell them for just a tiny amount. I have no idea how this works or if it will even generate any money but why not try? At the worst I will enjoy writing 😉

newyearsblue2If anyone knows anything about eStory publishing please let me know – I don’t have a clue… I would like to see my book for $1 but the site won’t let me…

I will start with the story about my first date with my older lover. I wrote a post on it here:

Used, sore and happy

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I feel used, sore and happy. Sir (I get spanked I’d I call him by name, now x) used my body for his needs for four hours yesterday, and I’m proud to say he thought I was a good slut.

I’ll give more details later, I just wanted to say it went okay

X Maria

Getting ready!

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Got up early today – my body has too much energy to get any more sleep – and I’m getting ready for today. My first ever submissive experience!

So I’ve Veet’ed up and showered. I’m all smooth and clean for him. I’ll leave here around 11, then be at his house for 12. He has kindly allowed me to get changed there, as I can’t leave my house looking THAT sexy (or mum and dad won’t let me out the door!)  and don’t have anywhere else to do it. So I’m using my large handbag today! Have my heels and a small black dress in there!

(For anyone who is worried, yes, my friend knows the address. I will text her after a while to say things are okay).

I can’t wait to see what he’ll make me do! I’m so looking forward to this, although it does scare me a little! I will do my best to do everything he wants me to!

x Maria